"This delicious story with its fun illustrations is the most motivating children's book I  have ever read. It is written by a tooth, Incisa, from the perspective  of teeth - how it feels to be neglected, not brushed and bathed in acid  and sugary goo. It makes me want to go brush! The illustrations will get lots of giggles and more importantly it will reinforce the message in a way children will remember. Toothful Tales needs to be read to every child whose parents want to instill good oral health practices."


Review by Dr. Betty Barr 
​Pediatric Dentist and Dental Educator.


Introducing Becoming Me Cavity Free!

A collaboration with the Horowitz Center for Health Literacy

The prequel to the award-winning Toothful Tales series, Becoming Me Cavity Free teaches expectant mothers and child-care teams how to care for precious baby teeth.

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