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 ADA Blog Fall 2018 (Also appeared in ADA News November 4, 2018) 

CIPA Evvy Awards for Toothful Tales

  •  How We Survived the Sweet Attack   1st Place  2010 
  •  Our Sensational Dental Adventure     1st Place  2013 
  •  Becoming Me Cavity Free!                  Merit Award 

"Children are fascinated by losing their  baby teeth and watching the new ones grow in. This book helps kids and  parents understand how teeth "erupt" and how to take care of them. The  earlier Toothful Tales books helped my little girl be less afraid of the  dentist. The first time she went to the dentist, the staff could not  believe how calm she was, but she knew that Mola, Cuspi & Incisa  needed a bath!  She loves the silly visual jokes and puns in these  books. She likes to discuss them. It is not easy to take something that  scares so many kids and make it fun, understandable and not too  technical."  

 Ann Kwinn, Ph.D.
Director of Instructional Strategy 
Office of Innovative Teaching & Technology